In the Tibetan Buddhist traditions the subtle energy is called “lung”, energy-wind, subtle body or vitality and underlies the functioning of all physical, emotional and mental processes. We have three constitutional aspects: the physical body, consciousness,and the energy-wind body which facilitates an interface between the other two. It is instrumental in translating physical experience into consciousness and vice versa. There is a relationship between each energy-wind and consciousness, it’s like a relationship between a horse and its rider, which is why it has been given the name “wind-horse”.

Subtle conscious/energy-wind relates to inner subtle feelings and emotional undercurrents in the unconscious. Extreme subtle consciousness/wind-energy relates to the clear light nature of the mind, innate wisdom, Buddha nature empty of dualistic confusion. It is known as the “life supporting wind”, the vehicle of consciousness and life.

Therefore when our mind is disturbed the energy wind is gross and agitated by normal daily life events and thought processes, worries, anxieties, emotional turmoil, consciousness will also be agitated. When our mind is cam and stable, soft and smooth, experiencing feelings of love and contentment, the quality of consciousness equally corresponds.

If we are emotionally distressed, our nervous system, digestive system, heart rate, breathing, etc… are affected. If we suppress the disturbed nature of these energy winds, they become absorbed in the body and affect our physical health. Blocked, disturbed or polluted energy winds manifest behavior that is unwholesome, and if these energies are freed from defiled states their innate quality is released and deep peace manifests. Being aware of the “wind-horse energy” and working with it, allows us to adopt a view towards well being, well flourishing, freedom from suffering and transforms our response to impermanence, adversity and interdependence with ease.

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