Gate of sweet nectar

“Calling out to hungry hearts
Everywhere through endless time
You who wander, you who thirst
I offer you this Bodhi Mind.

Calling all you hungry spirits
Everywhere through endless time
Calling all you hungry hearts
All those left behind
Gather round and share this meal
Your joy and sorrow
I make it mine.”

We are being one with the Buddha’s in the ten directions
We are being one with the Dharma in the ten directions
We are being one with the Sangha in the ten directions
Being one with all the formless forms throughout space and time
Being one with great wisdom
Being one with great compassion
Being one with great action
Being one with Prajna Paramita, the mother of all perfection

Being one with the unconditioned
Being one with the boundless
Being one with the inconceivable

May I extend all my love to my own being, friends, enemies, family, community and all creations for so much done on my behalf
May all those who practice continue to empower, enrich and enjoy
May all creations receive loving benefactors
May we always have the courage to bear witness, to see ourselves as Other and Other as ourselves.


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