Meditation revisited


Meditation is more that just a relaxation technique, it is a precision tool for exploring consciousness and for centuries has been for contemplative practitioners a practice for discerning and reporting findings on inner reality and it’s connection to outer phenomena.
Most practitioners discover that it helps one to attain calm, experience a serene lifestyle and definitely shows positive effects and improvement for mental and physical health.
We know that it is for many a means to improve one’s life, a way to achieve deep insights into the nature of the mind, our identity and consciousness, which results in unprecedented well- being and as a primer for genuine altruism and compassion.

It brings us close to what it’s like to be a human being in this journey we call life! It is an expedition into the frontiers of the mind. The Latin word expeditio, has the connotation of “coming out,freeing oneself”, extricating ourselves from a place in which our feet are stuck.
The expedition is about first recognizing that we are stuck in old schemas which lead nowhere and then taking the steps we need to free ourselves from those habitual patterns.
So we sit, find a time out, just sit fully alive in our body and mind and drop into states in which we are actively aware of and focused on the reality of the present moment, accepting and acknowledging it without getting caught up in thoughts or emotional reactions to the situation.

When we eventually become aware of being hijacked or lost in the contents of the mind stream and internal mental chatter or self talk, we redirect our attention gently to the breath until awareness is stabilized.
This practice enhances executive attention, mindfulness and jump starts the cultivation of empathy, lovingkindness and compassion.

People experience less wear and tear in their nervous system when faced with an emotionally distressing situation and are able to return to equilibrium more quickly once the episode is over. Meditation helps restore our emotional balance when we become upset and just as importantly, breaks the apparent chain reaction by allowing us to recognize “the spark before the wildfire.”
The breath is our most informative element of our emotional universe and constant source of sustenance for a well balanced integrated body-mind and a lasting state of timeless contentment.

We can make more informed choices about which thoughts and emotions to act on and which to let go off, when we come to the realization that dissatisfaction or happiness don’t lie outside of ourselves.
The kind of awareness we are bringing to mind is discerning, intelligent and wise, but nonjudgmental. We are not evaluating one thought as being better or worse than another, nor are we engaging in a kind of internal commentary or directing internal traffic.
Let’s give it a rest. This practice is like occupying a front row seat in the theater of your mind. You are not the director, trying to control who. is going to appear on the stage or what they do there. Nor are you the actor who takes on different roles. You are a keen observer, watching without interacting with what occurs on the stage.

Eventually the quantity of thoughts and images will subside and occasionally you may not notice any contents at all. When that happens closely observe the background of the empty space in which thoughts and images appear. As the vividness and acuity of your attention are heightened through introspection, you may become aware of many new mental processes.
Whatever thoughts and images arise, simply be aware of them, knowing that they are just appearances to the mind, let them arise from the space of mind and let them dissolve back into the space of the mind.
Like mirages, reflections in a mirror or rainbows, they are insubstantial and have no power to harm or help you; they are just movements of the mind. One of the most persistent delusion is the conviction that the source of our dissatisfaction lies outside of ourselves.
Gradually you will discover an inner freedom and rest more readily in the awareness of awareness hub, your refuge and wisdom space.
Keep the mind big and open!

Pz -4/5/14

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